It’s Hard to Type When You’re Curled Up in the Fetal Position

Did you ever sit down to blog about something, I mean an actual pre-determined topic, and you just drew a big huge blank?

What to say about what I want to say?  How to say it without overstating or understating it all.  I don’t want to be a whiner, but I also don’t want to be all, “Yay Europe!  Let’s move to Europe!  Or Asia!”

Because I’d really rather not move to Europe.  Or Asia.  Especially that big, communist country in Asia.  Oh, and South America?  Yeah, please not that one either.  What I’m saying, really, is that I’d like to stay state-side.

I mean, Europe could be a great experience.  To heck with deciding whether to put the kids in the American school or the regular neighborhood school, I’d just home school again and we’d travel all over the continent.  Really, what better education could I possibly give my children if that opportunity were to present itself?  I might be a little leery of doing that in that big communist country or in South America, however.

Aside from the whole difficulty of learning a new language and managing culture shock in five children and myself (not too worried about the husband, other than the food part of the culture shock – other than that he wouldn’t care), the other big problem an overseas move would present (umm . . . aside from getting me there) would be our animals.

What will we do with our pets if we have to go overseas??????????

I suppose we could board the horses somewhere for a couple of years.  But the dogs and cats?  I don’t know how easy or difficult it would be to take three dogs and two cats overseas with us.  It would kill me to have to get rid of any of them.  It would kill my children even more.  Then they would kill us in our sleep, and rightly so.

BUT.  Why am I worried about it now?  Why am I getting nauseous every time I eat already?  It could be that nothing will happen.  NOTHING.  Kind of like that whole possible job in Poland two years ago. Maybe nothing will come of it.  It’s just that right now we are 99.9% sure McH is getting a promotion (too many details to blog about while curled up in the fetal position, but there are reasons for us to be 99.9% sure of the promotion thing), and based on our educated guessing by the things we do know, we could be sent freaking anywhere.

And I? Am not enjoying the uncertainty of it all.

This is EXACTLY why I didn’t want him to work for the FBI.  All this moving nonsense.  Hell, he’s probably just working undercover for the FBI and can’t tell me, so I think we may be going overseas for some large corporation, while unbeknownst to me it is really because he has a secret assignment to kill the president of Paraguay with a spoon.

A week and two days.  We should know something in a week and two days.  Assuming we don’t spontaneously combust or implode or something before then.

Remember all that adoption waiting?  Feeling wound so tight you could snap?  Yeah, this is kind of like that.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is going to hide so he doesn’t have to go anywhere.

10 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Type When You’re Curled Up in the Fetal Position

  1. I hate not knowing. Absolutely hate it. I tend to pray a lot during those times. On the bright side, if you go really far away, maybe there will be less pressure to help She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. 🙂


  2. Christina

    Dude, I totally think you should ask Phulabaloney.

    Kidding aside… I’m like you, I’d be freaking and spending waaaaaay too much time on the internet trying to figure out every single What If scenerio – none of which would actually come true because I’m a total failure at predicting the future. But I’d still do it nonetheless.

    Is it bad that I’m crossing my fingers for Michigan? I lived there when I was little (pretty far from where I’m assuming you would live though) and I loved it. We were in the country on 15 wooded acres… sooo pretty.

    Wherever you go (or it you just stay put) I’m rather glad for the internet – you can blog from anywhere, right?


  3. Dianna

    If he really is supposed to kill the king of Paraguay with a spoon, you’ve totally blown his cover. Just sayin’.

    I am so so sorry that you have all this uncertainty hanging over you right now. Promotions are great! Except when they include things like moving people to places they may have no desire to go. And *I* don’t want you to go. I like you right where you are… where ever that is… because it feels like there’s a chance we can get together and hang out sometime.

    A week and two days… we can handle that. The Olympics will be starting on Friday and that will distract you for a couple of days!!!


  4. Wow, he’s good…even MacGyver (sp?) had a ballpoint pen to go with that spoon.

    Will be thinking of you the next week or so. Europe for a couple years would be doable, the others…meh. Uncertainty wreaks havock on the mind. Wanting to move, but not wanting to move is an odd spot to be stuck in. Throw in just not knowing for sure and I know my brain would be running on overdrive. Survive the week as best you can!


  5. I really don’t know your situation at all, but I can guarantee he’s not working for the FBI. 🙂 Knowing exactly how that works and all, I mean.


  6. lauren

    isn’t that the cia who offs foreign leaders? maybe he works for the cia? 🙂
    oh, the not knowing stinks! but if you need to go to europe, you can take your animals with you (ok, probably to take the horses would be REALLY costly), but taking dogs and cats is doable. we went to england with 2 dogs and 2 cats, and england is harder than mainland europe to bring animals to.
    is it possible he could get sent to the panhandle of florida? that would be awesome!


  7. Oh, I hate uncertainty also! But I would also love to move back overseas. We were more of a family when living in Asia and trying to deal with culture shock than we’ve ever been since…it really brings you together! And your children will learn SO MUCH. When we came back to the states one summer (via Hawaii, of course LOL) my oldest son pointed to an Asian man sitting on the beach alone surrounded by white people and said, “Oh I know how he feels”… They learned empathy and that children are the same everywhere and of course, they soaked in all the culture!

    I hope you find out one way or the other soon!!! And it is hard to take pets. We had to give away our two dogs and it was heartbreaking for us and my boys. But sooooo worth it in the end!

    And when my second son graduates in 4 years, we will probably take Caden and go overseas again just to give him the experience his brothers had. 🙂


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