Mormon Monday: Sunday Will Come

I hope you all had a happy Easter!  We had General Conference (internet/satellite  church) this past weekend, which means we were the only body of people in the Christian world who made a less than normal effort to get our bodies into an actual church building.

I can’t begin to describe how much I love General Conference (and not just because I can go to church in my jammies on my couch) (at noon)!    The Saturday session, especially, left an impression on my soul (maybe the Sunday sessions would have had the same impression had it not been so difficult to concentrate due to the Large Family Gathering).  Hopefully I’ll be able to share portions of some of those messages with you in Mondays to come.

In the meantime, enjoy your Sundays.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

One thought on “Mormon Monday: Sunday Will Come

  1. I also love General Conference. I always come away feeling that several of the talks were meant solely for me.

    My Sunday sessions were a little distracted as well, but it was my own fault. I was busy thinking up “conference” questions to text all of my Laurels during the times the choir sang. They seemed to enjoy it though, and it made them pay more attention to conference! Of course, it helped that the prize for getting the most questions right was a king-size candy bar.


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