My Knees Hurt

One would think that, being the fair-skinned, sunburned-prone Scappalachian that I am, I would remember to apply sunscreen before going out to mow more than an acre of grass.

One, of course, would be wrong.

While I was mowing said grass I had all kinds of thoughts swirling around in my head, thoughts both humorous and insightful, thoughts that, I thought, would make a slew of fantabulous blog posts.  I sat there, zipping around on my zero-turn radius riding mower, thinking, “Oh, yeah, my blog is going to be good again with all these thoughts I’m thinking!”

But now?  The thoughts are gone.  Now?  All I can think about is the fact that I got a raging sunburn on my knees, and they hurt.  And they itch.

Oh good gosh!  Why do I get The Unbearable Itch every time I get a sunburn now?  I did not used to get The Itching with The Sunburn.  Just The Burning.

But my knees?  Have both.

And I?  Am sitting with a tea towel and two ice packs on my knees, just some head gear short and 25 years too many to star as a total dork in an angsty 80s teen movie about a girl who is infatuated with the cutest boy in school but is too busy itching and burning to behave in any socially acceptable way.

Ewww.   That makes it sound like that poor girl has some kind of venereal disease, doesn’t it?  Well, that would probably actually up her chances of getting the cutest boy in school to take her to prom because, you know, that means, well, you know; but I digress.

From what I digress I am not sure.

But my ice packs are now all melty and I want to go sit in a cold, cold tub of water; however my laptop isn’t waterproof and I know I won’t last long in the cold, cold water because most of my body is not burning.  A good portion of it is itching (does that mean I’m allergic to the sun now?), but only my knees are burning.

Dear God, please make the burning stop.

And you are all thinking, just make this post stop!

Ahhhh! Sweet mother of lidocaine.  That’s a bit better.

So, like I was saying, because of my sunburn I have nothing to say.  So sad.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt doesn’t know what to think.

8 thoughts on “My Knees Hurt

  1. Andrea

    I got a 2nd degree sunburn on my arm at a ballgame one time. It was horrible. I had to take steroids for the swelling. Solarcaine spray did wonders for the itching and burning!

    I hope it feels better soon!!



  2. I break out in hives when I get sunburned. Which made for a fun couple of days when I forgot to sunscreen my sandal-ed feet before helping with the boys field day at school. Lidocane is great, especially with an aloe chaser.


  3. Christina

    I’m horrible with the sunscreen. We have a ton of it, I just always forget to put it on, especially when we’re just hanging out in the backyard. Somehow if we’re out at the beach or something it just seems more logical to put on sunscreen. Hope those knees feel better soon!


  4. Yep…somehow I am the one who ALWAYS forgets the sunscreen. I make sure the kids put it on…I even remind Shad to put it on, but ME?! Oh no! I can’t seem to remember! UGH! Hope your knees are feeling better soon. ;>)


  5. But at least you got the burn doing something productive! Personally, I don’t mow. I burned my hand baking cupcakes once, now it’s my excuse not to bake anymore. Perhaps this could be your excuse not to mow anymore. At least that’s what I’d do. haha


  6. I had knee sunburn once. I got no sympathy from my family. In fact, they had quite a time making fun of me, and pointing out my red knees to everyone. I hope you are getting more sympathy than I did.


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