Wherein I ask the Internet to Hold Me Accountable and Share a Little Factoid

There are lots of things I need to be doing, but a rather unexpected lack of clean undergarments has me somewhat housebound for the moment.

Really, there is so much I still need to do around here that I don’t even know where to begin.  I appear to be one of those people that looks at a massive project or accumulation of projects and curls up in the fetal position.

Or forgets to do a load of whites and winds up blogging in her bathrobe when it is almost lunch time.  Whichever.

So I told the kids this morning that we need to spend some time making a list of what we want/need to accomplish and a list of fun things we want to do this summer, otherwise none of it will ever get done.  I then told them that I think I might start getting our home school curriculum one subject at a time, and we can start doing a little bit of school each day and work our way up to the full schedule gradually.

I thought this sounded like a good idea because we have pretty much decided to keep all the kids home for school again this year, and we are pretty much starting from scratch as far as figuring out our curriculum because we can no longer used our virtual academy.  A~ thought this sounded like the most evil idea ever to escape my lips.

Whatever.  I’m going to do it anyway.

I’m thinking of starting with something potentially fun, though.  So is anybody at all familiar with Piano Wizard?  At $549.00 for the most complete version it is a bit pricey, but if all of my kids can use it just think of how cheap it really is over time?  If we got Midge started in piano lessons this fall and put the oldest two back in piano this fall, we’d pay that much in just a few months.

So I’m dithering.  Because what if Piano Wizard teaches them how to read and play just enough to master Chopsticks and nothing else?  I mean, looking over the website it makes it sound like it can teach them a lot more than that, but we call that marketing and, as we all know, marketing is not always completely synonymous with honesty.

If you have any experience with this system, or know of anyone who does, please let me know what you/they think of it.

And the money all of this independent home schooling is going to cost us is making me want to suck my thumb as I’m curled up in that fetal position, but that is another topic.

Right now I need to focus on the things I need to be doing and make my list.  *whimper*  So hows about I make a short list of a few simple things, throw it out here in the blogosphere, and you all can help hold me accountable.  Okay?  Please?????

1.  Continue researching home school stuff for the oldest two and make some decisions (I think I’ve already got it all figured out for children 3 and 4).

2.  Refinish/paint the book case which as been in the garage for two years.  Well, not this specific garage, but, you know.  I need it for my bedroom.

3.  Call the reupholstery place that was recommended by the local furniture store guy and get quotes for getting my furniture done and then make a final decision on what gets re-done and what gets replaced. (More expenditures! *suck, suck, suck*).

4.  Get the master bedroom and bathroom picked up and as put together as humanly possible under current circumstances (lack of book case and bed frame).

5.  Order bed frame?  I really want to do this one.  I know what bed I want.  But?  *whimper*  More money.

6.  Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe this wasn’t at the top of my list, speaking of more money.  Get my Canada South driver’s license so I can . . .

7.  Open up a local credit union account and deposit money that should have been deposited somewhere other than our gun safe a couple of weeks ago.

8.  Finish planting garden and weeding flower beds (once sunburn on my neck is healed and I don’t scream like a [non-Twilight] vampire in the sun)

And that right there is going to end my list because I’m already starting to hyperventilate. 

You know, I used to be, or at least used to think I was, one of those people who could just break life down, conquer it one task at a time, and get it done.  Now I am just a quivering mass of Jell-O or something.

Once I complete the aforementioned “to do” list, I will make another list which must, must, must start with “send in very overdue post-placement report.”  Don’t let me forget that one, will you, because I have to put it out of my head right. now. or I might break out in hives.

Interesting factoid about me, by the by:  the only time in my life I ever broke out in hives happened because I was choking on pizza. Weird, no?  I thought I was going to die from the pizza, but I could still cough and hack and take in some air, so my mother was all calm and saying things like, “You can still breathe and you aren’t turning blue, so you’ll be okay.  Just keep coughing.”  Like I had a choice of whether or not to cough and hack at that point.  Anyway, it continued for a rather prolonged period, and when all was said and done I had broken out it hives to boot. 

End of interesting factoid.

I suppose I should go get lunch together for the kids (why do they have to eat three meals a day, anyway?) and then get moving.  I think I finally have clean and dry foundation wear.

And George, if you’re out there Tewt the Newt could go for some Oreos right about now.

5 thoughts on “Wherein I ask the Internet to Hold Me Accountable and Share a Little Factoid

  1. We are a lot alike in this way. I used to feel like I managed just fine. Now I do the fetal position thing when faced with the daunting task of conquering all this stuff at once. I was just telling my hubby that the lists actually make me feel better because the stuff running through my head feels like a MUCH longer list than the length of the one on paper when all is said and done. Only because I stop writing after the first page 🙂 But still! At least it gives me permission to shut down the list in my head for the time being!

    Good luck and I’d love to hear what you decide. I haven’t heard of that piano program. You might want to contact them and ask if you can review it for your blog! And then, if they say yes, review it (because I have a pile here waiting for reviews from last year! Gulp. Not on the list!!)


  2. I also want to curl up in a fetal position when faced with the to-do list in my head. And it does generally make me feel better to write it down on paper.

    If your list were MY list…I would start with the driver’s license, and then move on to the bookcase. You have to take care of the bookcase to accomplish a more liveable bedroom.

    Good luck!!!


  3. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks!

    Moving is so expensive. And exhausting.

    I’m a list person myself. However, along with the things I need to do, I also wrote down things I have already done just so I can cross them off. It makes me feel better.

    I agree with Lawmommy. Driver’s license first, then the bookcase so you can get your bedroom in order. Having my bedroom in order in our new house gave me a little bit of peace even when everything else in the house was out of place. Also, just go get yourself some new undergarments!


  4. I don’t homeschool (though sometimes I wish I could) but some friends of ours have used K12. I don’t know if it’s the same virtual academy you have used before or not. Also, one family has pretty bright/advanced kids, and the pace and whatnot seemed to work pretty well for them, so maybe it will work well for you all, too. And, they homeschooled with the same program up to (through?) junior high. Other than that, I’m not much help. Except to say, what seems HORRIBLY daunting right now might not seem so bad in a little while. Trust me.


  5. Just returned from youth conference with our ward and have lots of catching up to do…as well as a to-do list that has 21 items on it. Heaven help me!


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