Will They Resurrect It By Easter?

Well, it’s all over the news this morning.  I mean, if you consider several southwestern Ohio Facebook friends to be purveyors of the news (and of course I do), then it is all over the news.

Touchdown Jesus, Big Butter Jesus, Drowning Jesus, whatever you want to call him, is gone.

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this tutorial video):


Last night Big Butter Jesus was struck by lightning. 

I am not even making that up.

Reports are pretty clear that he burned rather than melted.

In a Springfield News-Sun article, one gawker who came out to watch Jesus burn was reported as saying,

“It sent goosebumps through my whole body because I am a believer.  Of all the things that could have been struck, I just think that that would be protected. … It’s something that’s not supposed to happen, Jesus burning.  I had to see it with my own eyes.”

Dear Gawker:  That wasn’t really Jesus burning.  It was a statue.

I thought his reaction was interesting because, you see, I, too, am a believer.  I believe in lots of things, like phonics and gravity, wind and magnetism, and, yes, Jesus.  And?  Being a believer?  My first thought years and years ago was, “Who builds a ginormous statue of Jesus that makes it look like He is drowning in a pond?  Everybody knows Jesus walked on water.”

So when I awoke today to the flurry of Facebook “R.I.P. Big Butter Jesus” messages, my reaction was sheer and utter surprise that it took this long for that thing to be struck by lightening.

Honestly, it was something like six stories high (not making that up) and framed in steel, so it was pretty much one, big faux oleo lightning rod (two if you count each arm as its own separate rod).

Rest in peace, Touchdown Jesus, and may that church use whatever insurance money they get from your loss to help succor the weak, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, give hope to the downtrodden and strengthen the feeble knees.  Because then your existence will have been good for more than a laugh.


Edited to add some eyewitness video

3 thoughts on “Will They Resurrect It By Easter?

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  2. NOOOOO WAYYYY!!!! I love Big Butter Jesus! He was totally a landmark during my long drive from Youngstown to Cincinnati when my husband and i were dating. I emailed this link to him, and he got the hugest kick out of it!!!


  3. Deanne

    I always thought he looked like he was going down in quicksand. My girls always looked for it though, knowing it meant we were close to their Aunt’s house. One of the twins asked if I thought God will be okay. That was a fun opener to a great breakfast conversation. Nothing like talking about God’s power and presence to get your day started right! Their aunt posed on facebook “what, if anything, was God trying to say by striking that with lightning?” Ummm, that if you build it tall and with a metal core that the laws of nature (that God himself created) will prevail. Lightning happens and something that big is a prime target.


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