Today I Am Grateful for My Problems, But I Need Your Help Solving One

Okay, maybe I’m not so grateful that I’ve been having almost-but-not-quite debilitating back spasms all day (and no, you can’t really help me with that), but I do have another problem that won’t be taken care of by me consuming large amounts of long-neglected calcium supplements, and it is this:

I need a new couch.  Either that or I need to reupholster the one I have, which is older than I am but not old enough to be considered a classy antique.

I thought I’d decided to reupholster it, but now I think I’ve re-decided to buy new.  But?  I can’t decide what to buy, or if I want to buy any of what I’ve found.

This is where YOU come in.  I will share pictures of what I have found that I like, or think I like, and then you can tell me to get a grip and just make a decision already whilst sharing what your choice would be in the comments section.  Don’t you just love interactive posts?  I know I sure do, especially when it means I can absolve myself from all decision making responsibility!  And you?  You get the satisfaction of spending someone else’s money (albeit on someone else) just like you were a member of congress or something!  It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it, especially considering you don’t have to worry about how your vote will affect your chances at re-election.


HS117311_060907S_07[1] This one is by far my favorite and can be customized with various fabrics/leathers.  However, the good people at Thomasville may actually like this sofa more than I do.  It’s spendy, is what I’m saying.  Actually, at the low end, going with the cheapest fabric, it costs about three times what it would cost me to reupholster Old Blue (grave misnomer since the old couch has never, to my knowledge, been blue).  However, for that spendy price tag I would get, in addition to the couch, a designer/decorator to come out to my house and help me pick paint and fabric colors for everything I wanted to paint/redo.  A decorator would help me put together the entire room for the price of that sofa.  Doesn’t that sound fantabulous?  But I could get all of my furniture reupholstered for only $1000 more than it would cost me to get this one sofa and its accompanying decorator.


P12931841[1]This set is probably my number two pick.  It is all a little boxy for me, but it is Italian leather (that’s supposed to be good, right?) and the whole set costs about $700 less that the first couch.  And see that great big oversized chair? Oh how I have longed for a big, squishy oversized chair with storage ottoman.  And these bad boys are big.  The couch is 95” long and the chair is 55”.  I think I could hide a kid or two in the ottoman.  I wouldn’t get a decorator with this set, but I would have more money left over with which to reupholster my grandmother’s chairs and an actual antique sofa that’s sitting out in the barn.


0040647012459_A[1]This set isn’t quite as boxy and it’s a little more expensive, but it does come with a loveseat as well.  And I think that’s all I have to say about it, really.



I think I like the color of the leather better on this one.  And?  I like the legs better as well.  Not as boxy as the last two (though the body of the furniture is boxier that the last one).  However, it does not come with the loveseat as pictured and the sofa/chair/ottoman combo cost $1100 more than choice #2 above.

So, there you have it.  Which one would you pick?  Or, if you have something you like better, what is it and where can I find it on the internet?  Oh please do leave me links!

Last but not least, oh! my! gosh!  How many spelling/usage errors could I have mashed into that last post?  The thing haunted me as, one by one, they came to my mind throughout the day and I just had to fix them.  I think I edited that post at least four times after the whole world (well, you all, anyway) had already read it.  As mortifying as that all is, it is nothing compared to the mortification I feel knowing that there are probably still errors I haven’t caught, and there are undoubtedly many such errors liberally smattering the past four years (it’s been almost four years!) (I think) (I’m pretty sure) of my blog.

And yet you read.

It’s really nice of you all to humor an old woman on the decline like that.

Now go vote!

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt votes for . . . umm . . .

14 thoughts on “Today I Am Grateful for My Problems, But I Need Your Help Solving One

  1. I love the second option. I was going to write ‘I love nubmer 2!’ but that seemed a bit personal, ifyouknowwhatImean. Anyhoodle. I love the oversized chair. I can see cuddling a kid or two & they would use it as part of their fort building. It’s a win-win!


  2. I also like #2, because it can go with any decor. The others look more formal. If you ever decided to go more modern, you could not do it with the others. ALSO? SIT on them if you can!! I cannot emphasize how much difference that can make. I once sat on a sofa so firm that I slid right off of it!


  3. Totally #2 – looks nice, classy, not too formal and SO COMFY! If you get that one can I come over and just curl up for a week or so in that chair, please? By far my fav of your options.


  4. Karen

    I like #1 the best but would go for #4 next and then #3 in that order, by reason of the cost. But then I like the less “boxy” ones.


  5. Christina

    I like the looks of #4, but the big comfy chair of #2.

    We got the PB Comfort couch (actually 2 of them) – and I love them. Slipcovers! And soooo comfy. But we can’t do leather because we have cats and even though lots of people say leather is good with cats they have obviously never met MY cats because MY cats would put gigantic ugly holes in the leather. My cats have claws and their not afraid to use ’em.

    Your welcome for the long run-on babbly comment. 🙂


  6. Christina

    Ack! Typo! Not “their” – THEY’RE.

    Clearly I just did that to make you feel better about your typos. I’m nice like that. 🙂


  7. I like the second set. It looks very comfy, and I’m something of a minimalist, so I’m not a big fan of the legs on the other couches. If it were my living room? I’d want 2.


  8. I’m with nearly everyone else on this one…definitely numero dos. Don’t you just love my use of a different language there? Oh yea…I’m multicultural like that! ;>)


  9. Number 4! I don’t like chairs and sofas that sit directly (or almost) on the floor. And number 1, you’re first choice, has too many legs for my taste.
    Bon chance!


  10. Dianna

    I’m not a fan of #1, for either style or price. #2 is very very nice (you’d love the chair!), but I like #3 best. I think it’s the rounded backs.


  11. I’m interacting late, but I have to say #2 as well. Also, I don’t know what kind of legs you have on your current couch but I can say from experience that though those spindle legs look nice, they’re just that- spindle-y. Over the course of a few years two of my spindle legs have been broken off by 1)kids throwing themselves at the couch over and over or 2)large people heaving themselves onto my couch (not over-weight people, just big guys) or 3) cheering Red Sox fans bouncing on the couch (ok, that may be me). My husband was able to fix the one leg twice but right now the other leg is actually a stack of book. Looks like we’re in the market for a new couch, too!


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