Blog Cabin, But Not

Because it’s really more of a Cape Cod than a cabin, you know.  But I am asking for you all to vote on something again.

First, however, I should tell you that after much shopping (both online and in furniture stores) we decided to go with choice #2:

L12931841[1]Better picture of it, no?  Honestly, I was leaning this way before I even asked you all to vote, so it was kind of nice to see so many votes for this set.  I felt validated.  *sniff*  Really, the deciding factor for me on this one was the big chair and a half with storage ottoman.  I’ve been wanting those forever and ever.

The scary part was that I couldn’t see it anywhere in person.  Yes, I ordered furniture online!  Yikes!  Who does that????   Me, apparently.  I was able to research the manufacturer a bit, and I did find out that Costco carries this same set (should I be admitting that?  Is it uncool to buy Costco furniture?  I don’t know), so in the end I felt comfortable enough with ordering it from that online retailer that ships everything for $2.95.  I’ll let you know how it turns out in 1-6 weeks.

Now, here is my next dilemma: The Bed.

A few months ago I decided I wanted this bed:

00005[1]But without the canopy, because of the ceiling fan in our bedroom.

Then I changed my mind and decided I wanted this one:


Then I thought, no, I like the first one better.  But? I also like this one:

00041[1]I never mentioned it to the husband, however, because, hello?  It has flowers on it.  However, as he was going through the catalog, he pointed it out and said he likes it because it has strong, lines.

“What about the flowers???” I asked.

“They don’t bother me,” he said.

Okey dokey then.

So which bed do you like?  One, two or three?  I must say I am now thinking that two is my least fave, but it’s kind of a toss up between the others.  And if you really have nothing else to do right now, head on over to the Claudio Rayes online catalog and let me know if there is one you like even more than these three.  Because honestly?  There are a couple more I could have thrown into the voting pool.

Once this decision is made, all that’s left is to have my grandmother’s chairs reupholstered and (someday down the road) have the antique sofa reupholstered, and then I’m done with furniture.  Done, done, done!

In the meantime, while I’m trying to sort out all of these life altering decisions, I think I’m going to start painting my living room.  And then my bedroom.  And then my dining room. 

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is offended that no green paint has been selected for any of these projects.

PS to my new friend from Hershey – Is the theme park still there, or just the factory?  It would be a fun place to take the kids if they could eat chocolate and ride roller coasters.  Though that could make for some really gross . . . clean up.

13 thoughts on “Blog Cabin, But Not

  1. Tracy @ My Minivan Rocks!

    I think I like #3, but I don’t have as strong of an opinion on this one as I did on the couches.

    I bought my bedroom set online from Costco!


  2. Number 3. If the canopy was eliminated because of the fan, I think the height of the posters would seem like the same issue if not actually a problem. And number 3 is less girly and more medieval. I like that.


  3. The posters would also be eliminated. 🙂 Just the bed. I’m glad you threw in the medieval comment, because our bedding is somewhat medieval (tapestry with greens and purples).


  4. Karen

    Number 3 definately. I like that it is “different” looking that the others. And yes, I like the strong lines. But it is neither masculine nor feminine. Classy!


  5. Christina

    I like number 3 too. And yep, Hershey Park is still there. We went as a family last summer and it was pretty fun – not Disneyland, but better than most theme parks.


  6. Dianna

    Ummmm… I’m voting for #1 because I’m a klutz. Meaning that with Bed #3, I would be constantly running into the ram’s-horn-curlique things at the end and they look like they would hurt. On the other beds, the ends aren’t as menacing.


  7. I think I like #3 the best. It’s not overly feminine, but still has those nice flowers. #2 is a bit too swirl-y for me (is that a word?) Though I’m not really girly, #1 has a really nice look to it, too. I’m not really helping here, am I?! In short, my list goes #3, #1, #2. That is all. 😉


  8. Jesse

    Yes the theme park is here, and getting bigger every year. There is now a waterpark as well. It is usually pretty nice and they try to keep it as family friendly as possible (no wandering the whole park in a string bikini etc). My 2 year old really enjoys the zoo in the park and the kids rides and the new roller coasters are great for the taller.
    The factory is no longer open to tours, but they have built a fake factory tour ride that shows the process of making chocolate and then dumps you into the largest room of Hershey-themed junk and candy you could ever imagine. A nice (and free) way to cool off after some time in the park– and you get a free (small) piece of candy at the end.

    I agree, its not Disney, but it is a pretty nice park with a good balance of rides for young and old. If you do try and go, look for tickets through AAA or get them at the local grocery store Giant– they are much less expensive.


  9. McH

    In spite of your votes, #1 was the winner. When I went to order #3 I discovered that #3 has been discontinued. So, I ordered #1, our second choice. As a side note, if you really liked #3 there are only 2 of them left in king-size, we have a queen-size bed so that did not help us.


  10. Sounds like I’m too late to vote! Sheesh! Life needs to slow down for me. It sounds like things are going well for you in your new place. I’m glad.


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