Help a Waiting Child and Win a Coach AKA: The Return of Blue Barb

Please read this all the way to the end, because this post, though it may not seem like it at first, really is all about helping bring a waiting girl home to her waiting family.

A little over five years ago, while we were waiting for Tank Boy to come home to us from Korea (we were not allowed to go get him, which I really think was a dreadful, horrible policy), I was invited to a knock off purse party.

You know, like a Mary Kay party, or a Pampered Chef party, only for knock off  purses.

Not being an aficionado of hand bags, I had no idea what would be available or what would be knocked off, what could possibly be knocked of, but I wanted a new purse that was big enough to carry two diapers and one of those portable boxes of wipes but not so big that I could also carry 47 toys, three bottles, seven extra changes of clothes, eight binkies, and an emergency burrito.

I was tired of carrying diaper bags and, knowing our son would be almost a year old by the time he’d be home, I really didn’t think something that big was necessary.  Plus?  If I have something that big?  I tend to fill it even when I don’t need to.

So I went to the party, thought the purses were a little pricey given that they were knock offs (and I still had no idea what any of them were knocked off of/from/whatever), but found one that was the exact right size and 50% off the normal knock off price:

knock off purse
I was happy with the purse. I was happy with the size, the price, the neutral coloring that would go with just about anything, and so I went about my merry little way.

Then?  I started getting compliments from random strangers in random places admiring my purse.  Each time I would just say thank you, probably with a slightly confused look on my face, and press on.  This happened many, many times over the course of a few months before I finally broke down and asked a friend:

What do people think I have??????”

Because, yes, I was/am that ignorant about purses.  Give me something cute from Target that doesn’t feel like it’s made out of 1970s car vinyl and I’m happy.  Heck, at least 50% of my bags are from various Bath and Body Works semi-annual sales, and that’s fine by me.

I just. didn’t. know!  So my kind friend explained to me with nary a snicker that people thought I had a Coach purse.

Hmmm . . . Coach?

I’d heard of the brand, of course, but somehow, in my mind, it was luggage (does Coach make luggage, too?  It sounds like it should be luggage).  I didn’t know they made hand bags!  I played it as cool as an idiot like myself could while in the presence of Cool People In The Know:

Oh!  Coach!  Of course.  I should have known that.  So these little oval designs are supposed to be, like, the letter C, then?”

I no longer carry my knock off Coach because all four bottom corners are fraying and have small, dirty looking holes developing.  Makes me kind of sad now that I know people think I am carrying something when I go out with that bag (which I haven’t quite figured out because, now that I know, I’ve compared it to actual Coach, and it seems rather obvious to me that it’s a knock off).  But I don’t even want to carry something when it looks dirty and holey.

I went to a Coach outlet (among many other outlet stores) over the holiday weekend, but even with the massive sales going on in that place I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a purse.  I’m not criticizing those who can afford to and do, I just can’t do it.  Purses are not my thing like that.  No, no.  My thing is spending that kind of money a couple times a year on a slew of anti-aging products for my face, because PEOPLE, I am going to be 40 in a few months.  Unless they make a Coach purse that one wears like a mask, well, I just have to set my priorities.

But while I am setting my priorities, do you know what else I can do?  I can donate $20.00 to Liza’s Adoption Fund (via Reece’s Rainbow) to help her family bring her home AND enter for a chance to win an actual, authentic Coach purse.  And I like it so much more than the knock off version I have!  It’s black, and it’s leather.  And really?  What is better than black leather?  Whether your talking about boots or purses or masks gloves, nothing beats black leather.

If you love Coach, or even if you don’t, then you (probably) know that $20.00 for one of these puppies is super cheap (which is right up my alley), and if you don’t win it then at least you know: A. Your $20.00 is going to help a child join a family and that is more important than a purse anyway; and B. Your $20.00 is tax deductible.

So scoot on over to Melissa’s blog for your chance to help a waiting child join her waiting family and maybe win a Coach bag.








Blue Barb say, "Donate!"

4 thoughts on “Help a Waiting Child and Win a Coach AKA: The Return of Blue Barb

  1. Thank you so much! And Blue Barb even joined in! Woo-hoo 🙂
    (She creeps me out but I still find myself fascinated by her- what is up with that?!)


  2. I have a fashion expert daughter, and she would have been able to tell you all about your purse. As for me…my purse is one my mom gave me “just because” that she found in the ABC catalog. ABC! Ya, that’s how fashionable I am! 🙂


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