Mormon Monday: Not My Talk

So I woke up this morning feeling much better (my fever got up to a whopping 100.2 yesterday and I was about to offer autographs to my blog readers), and I immediately stripped my bed and took a shower (because Quinn wound up in bed with us last night and there was a pull up malfunction) and began making all kinds of plans for how I was going to mow some grass and weed the garden and be productive in general.

By the time I’d gotten myself dressed I needed to sit down.  Blargh.

Anyway, rather than share my talk with you today as I’d planned I am just going to share a brief quote by Eliza R. Snow that one of my new friends here in Canada South emailed out to a bunch of us this morning.  She is such an awesome person!  (My new friend, that is; though Eliza R. Snow pretty much rocked as well).

"Tell the sisters to go forth and discharge their duties in humility and faithfulness and the Spirit of God will rest upon them, and they will be blest in their labors. Let them seek for wisdom instead of power and they will have all the power they have wisdom to exercise!!!”  – Eliza R. Snow

I think I might have that quote cut in vinyl and stick in on a wall where my girls will see it every day.

And to Liola and anyone else who might be thinking about doing Mormon Monday posts I say:  have at it!  I think it would be great to get a Mormon Monday movement going in the blogosphere.

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