Yesterday . . .

My original intent for yesterday was to post my church talk as a Mormon Monday post, but then I thought, “No, I’m probably going to have some big news to post, and possibly some other big news to post, and nobody wants me clogging up their Google reader with two or three posts in one day . . .”

So I waited for the big news to come, and I waited for the other big news to come, and none of it came.

I’m sure you can all guess what one of the pieces of big news would be (*cough, cough* George *cough*).  I’m 99.9% sure it’s him, but I haven’t heard back yet.  Based on what little information I can glean from his very private FB page, I’m guessing he’s not on it much.

The other piece of big news, well, I swore I wouldn’t even blog about it in any vague, passing manner until it was all official.  Obviously I’ve just broken that self-imposed rule.  I am, however, getting a little tired of waiting for it to be official.

Oh, and yesterday?  If I’d had a party hat I would have put it on!  They took gobs of blood and I have to spit into tubes today or tomorrow so that all my hormone and nutrient levels can be tested.

And the Dr.? I think I really like her. She was a crack up.

Dr. “How many kids do you have?”

Me “Five.”

Dr. “No wonder you have migraines.  Do you take birth control?”

Me “No, it gives me migraines.”

Dr. “No wonder you have five kids!”

She was joking about it all.  She actually comes from a family of (I think she said) nine kids, and regrets only having two kids herself. 

And now I think I shall go back to bed for the 45 minutes I have before I actually need to be up.  The dogs woke me about an hour ago and I didn’t even try going back to bed.  I think it’s because A~ leaves for girls’ camp (church camp) today and I’m going to miss her.  Have you noticed how I haven’t written any freaking-out blog posts about her going off to camp?  Yay me!

No, seriously, I just trust these girls and these adults way more than I trusted that whole public school set up.  And did you notice it’s called Girls’ Camp?  Yeah.  And?  Plenty of adults around supervising.

That reminds me . . . one of the heinous things that would happen in October if I hadn’t called it off?  A~ will would become a teenager.

And George, I know you’re out there (and oh! my! word!  My blog title if I’ve found him?  I don’t know . . . but I’ll probably keep it.  Maybe.)

8 thoughts on “Yesterday . . .

  1. I read that your doctor had 9 kids and only regrets having 2 of them! LOL That really really made me laugh this morning. I’m trying to decide which of my kids I regret most! LOL Kidding!!!

    Dying to know your news and George, get on it already!!! Dalton & Teegan’s Dad is on facebook because a freind set it up for him but he’s literally never once checked it (or email) so he never gets the messages. I hope George is more active than that!


  2. Oh c’mon, spill!!! I’m not good with vague hints… :p

    Great news about the doctor – it is so crazy hard to find a doctor you love, I’m glad you hit the jackpot with this one!

    It’s weirding me out that you maybe probably found George. I mean, it’s a blog title and a great way to end posts… I kinda’ forgot it was a real person!!


  3. Oooh…I’m dying to know if it’s George? I forgot it’s a real person too! I hope your other news is official very soon…for me, the very nosy blog reader!


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