Thank You, Thank You, and More Blather About My Hormones

First I want to thank everybody who left comments/suggestions RE the American Literature reading list!  You’ve given me even more motivation to drop The Red Badge of Courage (how I did loathe that book as an eighth-grader).

Now onto the hormone blather, for those who are interested.

So, I’d been giving myself my daily bioidenticals for about five days when I knew something was off.

Umm . . . okay, first of all, I’m not injecting myself with anything.  I don’t think I could handle that.  Bioidentical hormones are most frequently applied on the skin in a cream or a gel form.  I’m using a cream.  The Dr. also gave me the option of having the pellets (about the size of a grain of rice, I believe) injected under my skin.  But?  Eww.  And?  If her dosage was off, well, sucks to be me because there they would be, under my skin until they were all absorbed.

Needless to say, I chose the cream.  I did this because I went into this knowing that bioidentical hormone dosing is not an exact science.  Everybody’s body is different, and so it takes a bit of trial and error to get it all just right.  I believe the progesterone dose she told me to go with was not just right.

As I was saying, I had been on it for about five days when I started to think, “Hmm, all this stuff should be making me feel better, more energized, less headachey, not so tired that I can barely wake up in the morning after going to bed early the night before, after having taken a two-hour nap in the afternoon.

I mean, who doesn’t want to take naps, right?  But I almost never actually do take a nap.  But Sunday I just had to take a nap.

So Monday night I spent some time researching symptoms of too much progesterone and, guess what?  It can apparently have quite the sedative effect in some people.  I suppose at this point I should have called the Dr.  I mean, being a bioidentical-paying-for-it-out-of-my-own-pocket-because-stupid-insurance-doesn’t-cover-it patient gets you the Dr.’s cell phone number so that you can call her when. ever!

But I didn’t call.  Because?  She’s met me twice.  She isn’t going to remember who I am, and my records aren’t going to be right in her face when I call at some random time.  And?  She works out of two different offices, so there is no guarantee she’ll even be in the office with my records.  Plus?  Even if she is in that office?  The staff there just isn’t the best.  It could take them forever to even get my records for her.

Instead I just cut my morning dose in half on Tuesday.  Then I did the same thing on Wednesday.  I was feeling much better, but apparently stupid, because I tried giving myself the other half of my Wed. morning dose in the afternoon, thinking maybe if I just spread it out more . . . Duh.  Could hardly get out of bed this morning, but when I did I just did a half dose of progesterone.

So I am going to do half a dose tonight and half a dose in the morning, and keep at that dosage for a few days and see how I’m feeling.  Annnnnd, maybe somewhere in there I will call the Dr. to tell her what I’m doing.

There, is, however, an upside.  My sensitivity to noise seems to have greatly diminished.  This makes me hopeful that I will make it through the month migraine free.  Also?  My insatiable munchies have been on hiatus, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the hormones, the fact that I’ve been juicing vegetables and drinking that several times a day, or because I stopped smoking weed.

JUST KIDDING!  I’ve never smoked anything, ever, in my life.

One last note about the office staff:  I had to go in last week just to pick up some supplements that the Dr. wanted me to take but didn’t have on hand at my last appointment.  One of them was a sublingual B12.  Okay, actually she’d already given me that one but forgot and tried to have her office people give it to me again.  That’s not their fault, but when the one woman told me, like, 47 times to make sure I PUT IT UNDER MY TONGUE! after I kept telling her I already had that one AND after I said, quite emphatically, “Yes, I understand it goes under my tongue because, see right here on the bottle?  It says ‘sublingual’ and?  I know what that means” I wanted to bash her skull in.  I mean, not really, but you know.  So her office people?  Not my favorites. 

Whatever.  As long as I can get hormones and they stop my headaches, I’ll deal with the office people.  I might even give them a dictionary, because I’m convinced the PUT IT UNDER YOUR TONGUE! lady didn’t actually know what sublingual meant (quite the deer in the headlights look when I tried explaining that I did know what it meant), she was just emphatically trying to make sure she conveyed the Dr.’s directions.

And George, if you’re out here, Tewt the Newt says hello.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You, and More Blather About My Hormones

  1. Christina

    I feel like a moron because I didn’t know what sublingual meant. I thought maybe it meant muttering under your breath or something.
    I think it’s cool you can get your medicine just by rubbing on a cream. Way better than a shot in the arm, IMHO.


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