What Do Wal Mart and the Renaissance Have in Common?

This summer has been interestingly busy, and I find myself wondering if it is going to slow down once we start school on Tuesday or if it is just going to get busier.  Only time will tell.

In the meantime, here are a few quick things:

On the migraine front, I can now report that I have made it through a crucial . . . umm . . . time period with no migraine.  Sorry if this is TMI, but it is HUGE for me.  HUGE!  So I am thinking the bioidentical hormones are really doing their job.  Not only have I not had a full blown migraine but, even more significantly, I have also not been walking around cringing at every sound, feeling like I have a headache brewing in the back of my head waiting for the most inopportune time to get really bad, or any of the other migraine related things that generally send me running for the prophylactic Diet Dr. Pepper and Tylenol combo.

By the way, when the Dr. checked my hormone levels she also checked pretty much everything else, and my liver is fine.  Shwoo.  After years of Tylenol use I was a tad concerned.

Also on the migraine front, and then I’ll stop talking about my head, I read last week that our bodies convert excess aspartate (think aspartame) into glutamate.  I think I may have said this in my last post, but I really will never drink diet pop again.

Yesterday we spent the day at a Renaissance fair with some friends.  I think everybody had a good time, though I don’t know how educational it all was.  I mean, I suppose my girls learned how to make their boobs (once they get them) defy gravity (if they want to) with corsets. They also learned that, apparently, during the Renaissance Period women (if they weren’t wearing corsets) (or were wearing short ones) let their bellies hang out everywhere.  The skinny women, the not-so-skinny-women, you know, everyone.  I felt out of place what with my belly covered and my boobs not on the verge of popping out due to an unnatural, anti-gravitational position.  It was like walking through a 14th century Wal Mart (though I think they usually embrace gravity in Wal Mart).

But the jousting was fun to watch, and when Midge and Tank boy had some sort of disagreement today they decided to reenact some of the ground fighting.  So I guess that was educational, too.  I hope the many hours they’ve spent isolated in their bedrooms have been equally educational; and I hope Tank Boy will still be able to father children when the appropriate time comes.

Today we got to church just in time to hear the announcement that a youth activity was happening tonight.  At our house.  Ummm . . . luckily we had company on Friday and weren’t home most of the day yesterday, so the house was still in pretty good shape after all the cleaning for company.  A bit shocking, nonetheless.  Still, nice to know the bishop’s overall impression of us is that we don’t live in squalor so we’re a good bet if you need a last minute venue.  Plus, you know, we’re centrally located for our rather spread out congregation and we have a large room in which to sit everyone down for the presentation.

And tonight the oldest two girls have friends (also sisters) spending the night.  They are all giggling and having a grand time, and A~ and her friend have, coincidentally, almost identical pajamas.  I don’t think life gets any better for them than this.

We start school on Tuesday.  Meh.  Not thrilled, not dreading it.  Hoping it can be more fun this year since we’re not tied to a virtual academy and all of its accompanying laws, hoops, “teachers” and time frames.

Life is good.  You know, except for the fact that next month is October.  The Dark Mark will be hanging over my house before month’s end, and I’m not looking forward to it; but for now I’m just going to embrace September and the fact that my children are so much happier here, and I am so much happier here, and my husband is so much happier here, and my boobs really aren’t big enough to be affected by gravity or corsets.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

4 thoughts on “What Do Wal Mart and the Renaissance Have in Common?

  1. Kathleen

    great post – all my favorite humor. Congratulations on the break-through month (or step-change, as we like to say here in soupland). Enjoy the new school year, as they really are limited in number – I’m looking at my last five here, and actually feeling abandoned already. I may have to adopt, or volunteer, or something. There is light at the end the tunnel, even the home-school tunnel. still missing you and all of yours; thanks for blogging, it makes it easier. And I will post facebook photos, as soon as I steal them from my daughters posts…


  2. Did you ever go to La Caille (sp?) when you were here in Utah? You just described the “outfits” the waitresses wear. I’ve been once…and only once. If I were ever offered a job at La Caille it would be as the dish washer–I don’t have the right “equipment.” 🙂

    Enjoy the new school year! I know I am liking having my kids back in school and on a regular schedule.


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