I Thought It Was Time to Quit Blogging, But Instead I’ve Cut My Hormones in Half

Have I mentioned that the progesterone dosage my Dr. put me on, while quite helpful with my migraines, makes me stupid?

As in, STUPID.

I am so afraid to go back and reread my last blog post.  Terrified.  Because?  The two flagrant errors in the post title were so heinous (emphasis on “were” since I fixed them) that I can only imagine what the rest of the post is like.

Typos are one thing.  They are embarrassing, but this is just a blog after all; and I don’t have an editor, and we all know it’s hardest to edit your own writing because we have a tendency to read what we think we wrote, what we meant to write, not what we actually wrote.  But using the wrong form of “there” in the same blog title in which you misspell the word “weird”?


My only defense is that I was taking my full dose of progesterone for about a week since it was a, you know, *cough* *cough* high risk time for me and migraines.  It has now been over a month since I’ve had a full-on migraine, so those several days of full doses really did the trick.  And?  They made me tired and stupid.

You know how sometimes you walk into a room and then stop and think, “What the hell did I come in here for?”  I’ve been doing it just about every time I switch rooms.  Crap, sometimes I just turn around to do something different in the same room and I wind up thinking, “Now why the hell did I just turn around???”

The best, of course, is walking into the laundry room and wondering what the hell I’m supposed to to next.  Almost as good, though not quite, is opening the refrigerator and looking for who-the-hell-knows-what for three solid minutes before I close the door because I still haven’t figured it out, and I’m COLD. 

Oh yes, I swear in my mind.  Sometimes out loud, even.  Especially if you consider hell a swear word.

Then, of, course, there is the walking into my bedroom at night to find my husband already there, waiting for me, and thinking, “I’m pretty sure that’s not why I came in here.”

Anyway, I don’t want to cause undue panic among the five people who still read my blog.  I’m not a danger to myself or my children, it just takes my brain a few extra seconds to catch up with my body sometimes.  I’m not out driving my children around dark, unfamiliar alleys or handling firearms when I feel this way, and obviously I should not be hitting “publish” on my blog, either.

But now that the danger (read:  that time of the month and German Chocolate Cake) has passed, I’ve cut my dosage in half once again and I’m already feeling a bit smarter.  Not brilliant, by any stretch, but I think my blog title is at least spelled correctly.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be as smart as I once was, but I take comfort in the fact that I am still above average (I shop at Wal Mart every now and then just to verify this).

So while we’re on the topic of German Chocolate Cake (it is so good, it must be capitalized), I made two of those puppies from scratch last week.  They are a favorite in our family, and there were two birthdays within five days, hence the two cakes.  Here’s the thing: not only did I make two of them, I ate a piece of one of them and several crumbs from the other.

These cakes . . . these delicious, labor-intensive, stacks of chocolate lust smothered in gooey coconut goodness have, like, one ingredient in them that doesn’t give me migraines.  That would be the baking soda (or is it powder?).  Oh!  Wait!  I can eat coconut, too.  Anyway, point is, they are full of eggs, and buttermilk, and wheat, and nuts, and I probably shouldn’t be in a room with them let alone eat them.

But I ate a piece.  A generous piece, all things considered.  And?  I didn’t get a migraine.  I was grouchy as all get out the next day and felt otherwise craptastic, but I did not get the headache.  So that was something.

The jury is still out on the hormones.  It’s nice to not have so much noise sensitivity, and it’s nice to go the better part of two months with only one actual migraine, but the stupid?  The stupid is killing me.  Or at least making me die of embarrassment.

And Tewt the Newt doesn’t know what to think.  Or how to spell it.

10 thoughts on “I Thought It Was Time to Quit Blogging, But Instead I’ve Cut My Hormones in Half

  1. I sort of remember the progesterone fog. I took it for a while to regulate my cycle. I couldn’t handle the stupid though & opted for the 2 week cycle & a different med. Glad it’s helping with the migraines though.


  2. Deanne

    I thought the “typos” in the last post were an additional dis on the snuggie commercial. I started to type a comment to let you know about the typo, then thought that you probably did it on purpose and I didn’t want to be the dummie that didn’t get it, lol! And please stop talking German Chocolate Cake. I absolutely love it, and I do not even like chocolate very well. The cooked coconut frosting is heaven in a bowl and I actually like chocolate with it. I like the cake so well, that I find myself whistling and smiling when doing all the dishes it requires to make, serve, and eat one! I can not have it in the house, there is not a shred of will-power in me when the though of eating just that for a meal hits.


  3. But I LOVED watching the progression of the title change in my reader! First “There” was fixed…then a couple days later “Wierd” was corrected. It made me LOL because I know you are a writer and would normally not even PRETEND to make such mistakes! Ah, hormones.


  4. Dianna

    I’m sorry… you were saying something? I got distracted by the german chocolate cake and never really came back to the actual post topic… must buy coconut…


  5. My DH’s favorite cake in the world is German Chocolate. He liks it for his birthday, too. The only difference? Uh, yeah, I have never made one from scratch. To me, “scratch” is buying the box of mix and adding water to bake in our own oven instead of just buying one already made! 🙂


  6. Kathleen

    I knew their/there was a perfectly good explanation for the typos, and was practicing my best manners/self-control to hold back the corrections…the fog may start with hormones, but continues with age as the hormones decline…or SSRIs…or too much mindless cable TV…just happy to hear you found yourself, and the typos..great blog, with or without. What was it Picasso used to say about his assymetrical figures? only a true artist can deconstruct the text?


  7. I’m still reading it, and glad you’re still fighting the good bloggy fight! I’ve almost but not quite given in, myself…damn FB with it’s quick and easy single sentence expectations!


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