Since When Do I NOT Blog?

What can I say?  Life has been busy, and by the end of the day all I want to do is go to bed.  Also?  I blame it on Facebook.

I’ve decided Facebook is a blogger’s whore.  It’s quick, easy, and always there when you just need to get something out of your system.  However, much like a hookup with a working girl or guy (and I am just surmising here, since I have no actual experience in such things), Facebook isn’t enough.  It satisfies the itch, but doesn’t fulfill the need.

For instance, Facebook does not allow me to write in depth about such captivating topics as:

  • Victoria’s Secret advertising and the slutification of America;
  • The fiscal irresponsibility of politicians from my previous state sending me mailers begging for my vote at my current, new state, address;
  • My oldest daughter’s 13th birthday party and a ridiculously easy and charming fall craft the kids did;
  • The statistical unlikelihood that all of the murderers in Detroit are white, despite what that new Detroit-based cop show seems to be saying;
  • The ongoing story of Tank Boy and how he’s dealing with his adoption realities (and how he tries to milk it for attention at times – and don’t judge me, because you aren’t here and I don’t have time to give you the full picture right now, but he has tried to play on our sympathies, though not a lot);
  • Quinn, his ever burgeoning speech, and the interesting correlation I see between it and our move this past spring (not unlike our first move and Tank Boy’s unexpectedly reduced anxiety and improved behavior).
  • Selective mutism – damn if they don’t stick a stupid label on everything these days.  What’s worse is the helicopter parents who buy into the need to drag their children to  therapy for all of these labels.  Who, me?  Strong opinions?  Someday I’ll share my personal tale of selective mutism with you, how I think it applies to my youngest son (though I’d never slap the label on him), and why I’d have been a fool to take him to therapy for it.  Maybe when I do blog about labels I’ll even blather a bit about my experiences both as a “gifted” child and as a parent of “gifted” children, and how I feel about that one;
  • The pros and cons of buying vs. making and bottling your own applesauce;
  • Popcorn salt!;
  • The effectiveness of house elves as domestic help – would I have to replace them every time I had one fold laundry?  Hmm . . . ;
  • Bioidentical hormones, the two month absence of my migraines, and the return of my Hobbit feet (and other things);
  • My thoughts on God and adoption, which I’ve said for years I am going to write. It’s not that I’m avoiding it, it’s just that it’s a BIGGIE and I haven’t been able to give it the time it deserves.  When I finally do write it, it will probably be in two or three parts.

See, it’s not that I’m not blogging for lack of topics.  It’s just that I haven’t had time.

And Tewt the Newt is open to suggestions as to which topic should be addressed first!

9 thoughts on “Since When Do I NOT Blog?

  1. Well, if you could just pop out a post for each of those topics right quick…
    Actually, I’m really waiting on the God and adoption since I feel like you and I have much the same outlook but you’re a lot better than me at the writing. Basically, I’m waiting for you to write it so I can steal it and put the link up on my own blog and say something to the effect of “yeah, what she said..”.


  2. I vote for the selective mute thingy because I can’t decide if I want and/or need to get Caden into speech therapy or not!!! Actually I vote for all of them. Just do mine first. Ha!


  3. Jena

    yup… I would very much like to read your thoughts on most of those topics, so if you could please find the time, thankyouverymuch.


  4. Joanna

    Please do the selective mutism one – sounds like you have an interesting perspective that I will disagree with but would like to read anyway!


  5. Lisa

    I would love to hear your perspective on selective mutism. You obviously found your voice. How do I know that my son will also find his with or without therapy?


  6. Ah yes, the selective mutism…that one has always had this special ed teacher with 12 years experience scratching my head. I’d love to read your thoughts on everything you have bulleted!


  7. I’m totally with you on the blogger’s whore. It really sucks. I know blogs are a dying breed thanks to facebook and it breaks my heart a little. At least I was still READING blogs, even if my writing has gone by the wayside. But now that Bloglines is caput, i don’t even do THAT anymore. Sigh. I don’t like change.

    Had to laugh at the selective mutism thing. I’m so with you on the helicopter parent thing (although I predict that will offend so many people and likewise predict that you could care less :P) I just don’t get it. And I suspect I would agree with you on the gifted child stuff too because I remember all too well how that felt as a child.

    I hope you’ll blog on all of these topics!


  8. If they fall craft can be tweaked to be a Christmas craft, I would be interested in reading about that! I’m looking for something for my young women to do in December.


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