We Like to Think We’re Not Nerds

But I guess we are.  Totally.

Because my whole family?  Wants this for Christmas (in case anybody needs to know what anybody in my family would like for Christmas, this could cover us all) (not that I’m hinting to any grandparental types or anything) (hint, hint):


Yes, it is a magic wand universal remote control.  How cool is that?  You want to turn on your t.v.?  Just swish and flick!  Okay, you don’t have to actually swish and flick.  The thing apparently can sense 13 different motions and you can program each motion to do whatever function you want for your television and/or dvd player.

Yes, to a woman who dyed her hair purple for the release of the final Harry Potter book, this is totally cool.  For the children who have dressed up in Hogwarts robes for years, this is totally cool.  For the husband and father of us all, this is . . . cool.  Not sure about the totally part, but he likes it, too.

And?  If I had this?  I might be more willing to babysit other people’s children.

“You want to watch cartoons, Jonny?  No problem!”

*swish and flick*

“Now, be a good boy and don’t make me use this thing on you.  You have heard of Avada Kedavra, right?”

6 thoughts on “We Like to Think We’re Not Nerds

  1. I’m intrigued! I guess it’s like the Wii remote technology. Good luck. I hope your family gets it for Christmas. I can’t even find the full sized regular remote at my house, so I cannot imagine trying to find a little wand between my couch cushions!


  2. Love it! Levi is totally enthralled by Harry Potter right now. He went as Harry this Halloween, and has given us all names. A.J. is Ron, I’m Hermione, Daddy is Justin(?) and I think my brother is Snape (cause he’s tall and skinny, not because he hates Harry.) That’s a pretty cool remote.


  3. My third daughter is a total Harry Potter fan. She has even made sure that we all have tickets to The Deathly Hallows for the midnight showing on opening night. She would SO want this remote!


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