Tomorrow We Apparate

wizarding world bound

Right.  I only wish we could apparate.  We will actually be driving.  Thank goodness my kids are champions at the long-haul thing.

Tonight our house-sitter (my dad) will be arriving (thanks dad!), which is why I have no compunction about sharing our absence on the blog.  He is retired military and believes in God, Country, and his Concealed Carry Permit, so all will be well while we’re gone.

Okay, actually?  After 40 years?  I still don’t know where he stands on the whole God thing exactly, but that’s really not the point. 

The point is this:  by the time I next blog, Tewt the Newt will be drunk on Butterbeer – or at least in a sugar coma (I, on the other hand, will only have one or two sips because, you know, it’s probably full of all those things I’m not supposed to eat, like cane sugar and vanilla) (harrumph).

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow We Apparate

  1. I hope you guys have safe travel, great weather, and a total blast! I’m so, so jealous. We went one year in November and the weather was perfect- cool, but comfortable (jeans and windbreakers). Went again last August and I was ready to die (shorts and tank top was too much- I was ready to strip naked and ask random strangers to pour icy water on me). You’re smart to plan a winter visit over a summer one! Have FUN!


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