My Get Up and Go Done Got Up and Went

Not a particularly original title, I know, but it pretty much sums up how I’m feeling.  I can’t decide if being on this rotation diet for a couple of days is kicking my butt (the literature that comes with the diet says this can happen), or if it’s because I stopped taking my multivitamin on a daily basis because it has food ingredients in it that I can’t eat daily (there is no food I can eat daily while on this diet), or if it’s vacation let-down, or a combination of all of the above.

Right, probably a combination.

Anyway, I need your help, oh wise friends and random readers.  And not with my lack of energy.  I’ll just have to deal with that and figure it out.

No, I need your help planning a Biggest Loser competition between me and my husband.  We’ve been talking about this for a couple of weeks now, but haven’t been able to come up with any solid ground rules, timelines, or prizes at the end.

Originally we were just going to do it based on pounds lost.  Then, the husband thought that wouldn’t be fair because he thinks he has more weight to lose than I do (not so sure about that), so he would have an unfair advantage because, theoretically, his weight would come off faster since he has more to lose.  Or something like that.

So he has decided we should do it based on percentage of body fat lost.  But the more I think about that, the more I think that isn’t fair.  It is going to be much, much easier for him to burn off body fat because he already has a LOT more muscle to begin with.  He is so naturally muscular that when we were first looking into adopting all those years ago, and checking the different requirements for different countries, we were concerned because his BMI was too high for some of them (even though he had about zero body fat).  Let me see if I can dig out a good picture of McH from back then . . .


Okay, so that’s not a good picture, but it gives you an idea.  McH would be the guy running on the wall.  Not looking so fat, is he?  But his BMI was too high according to . . . China, I think (and the Wii Fit, who made his little Wii Mii quite fat) (though that was a couple of years later, but not a lot had changed).  Anyway, like I said, it’s because of all the muscle, and, as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat.  (And I fully realize he doesn’t look like some huge body builder (thank goodness!), but for his height, he supposedly weighed too much, but it was all muscle).

At this point I’m just leaning towards each of us setting our own personal goals (whether it be poundage, or body-fat, or inches lost, or whatever) and then setting a timeline and seeing who gets the closest to their goals by then.  But I’m not sure.

And what should the timeline be, even?  Three months?  Until the end of summer?  I just don’t know.

And then there is the whole “winner” thing.  What does the winner get?  I don’t want to make it anything extravagant since we just spent a boatload of money on vacation and a new camera . . .

. . . Speaking of the new camera . . . I’ve started reading my T2i for Dummies book.  Oh. my. gosh!  I wish I could read books in the car without puking my guts out, because I really, really wish I could have read this book on the drive down to Florida.  I don’t even want to go edit my trip photos now.  I’m seeing how much more I could have done if only I had known.  But I didn’t.  So my pictures aren’t much more than anything I could have gotten with our little point and shoot (except for the resolution – the point and shoot could not have given me the same resolution). *sob*

Back on point:  any ideas for our Biggest Loser competition?  Goals?  Prizes?

And here’s one more Harry Potter pic:

Matt and Butterbeer

Oh yes, I took pictures of all of us having our first sip of butterbeer.  (McH took the one of me from the last post, obvs).

And, with apologies to the random strangers who are now going to be immortalized on my blog, here is one more:


Hogsmead!  I could have spent an entire day here (and if we’d gone in June, apparently it would have taken at least that long to see everything we saw in one morning).

Oh, o.k.  One more.  Thank goodness I at least know how to use the auto focus, because manual wouldn’t cut it for this shot:


Buckbeak!  Seriously, the whole place was amazing.  They (whoever “they” are) did an incredible job of making you feel like you are right in the world of Harry Potter.

But Tewt the Newt would like to remind you that Harry Potter is not the actual topic of the day.  The actual topic is:  HELP!  Ideas!!!  Please!

13 thoughts on “My Get Up and Go Done Got Up and Went

  1. Why do either one of you need to lose weight? If a person can run on walls like Spiderman, I’m going to say that weight loss is probably not high on the list of needs. You are both hot and sexy young folk. You’re making ME feel like the biggest loser. Both of you together add up to just one of my thighs, so…

    “Shutup” is what I’m trying to convey, there.

    I would think that if you are both making an effort to get healthier, your bodies will find their “correct” weights on their own. Leave the Biggest Loser crap to those who really need it (she said, eating pancakes for lunch).


  2. The Spiderman picture was taken back in 2006. Now, I’m not saying McH has gotten huge by any stretch, but he has put on a few pounds since then that he’d like to get rid of. And I? Well, according to my wellness Dr. and his little body fat figure-outer contraption, I need to lose something like 25 lbs. of body fat. Yeah, I don’t have a lot of faith in his contraption, but I do know I need to lose some. Plus? The older I get, the more my wattle sags, and I’m hoping that if I lose 10 lbs. or so, there won’t be as much fat in my neck to weigh it down. I posted that picture of me drinking butterbeer because it makes it look like I have a jaw line. Pathetic, but true.


  3. Hmm…I think that competing with your husband is a bad idea! I mean, it definitely would be in my marriage anyway. I think I would just set a goal for each of you, and then if you both reach that goal (say, by June?) you go out together and buy a new summer outfit (and he buys..uh…some guy thing) and have a nice (maybe fattening, just to be fun, but with allowable foods of course) lunch? That way you can still encourage each other to reach that goal (because you REALLY need that new sundress and sandals!) but you aren’t competing against each other. ..

    Also have I mentioned how terribly jealous I am of your trip? I REALLY want to go there but I live so far away from Florida that the cost of such a trip would be like traveling to another country!


  4. I don’t think competing with your husband in a weight loss competition is a good idea. It’s only going to make you want to kill him, which is kind of a buzz-kill in any relationship. (The sad and frustrating fact is that men are at an advantage in any weight loss exercise – they have more muscle, and are therefore able to lose weight more quickly. Google “Weight Watchers” and men for more information about this.)

    Maybe if you both set an individual goal and decided jointly on a prize you both want, that neither of you can have unless you both meet your goal? Sort of a “me and him against the world” as opposed to a “me against him” contest?



  5. PS – this photograph does nothing to disuade (sp?) me from my prior observation of McH, which is that he has that “I killed the President of Paraguay with pen” air about him…


  6. I agree with AprilMay and Lawmommy- a competition is asking for trouble. Do it as a together thing with a reward for both of you for reaching your individual goals.

    I loved Lawmommy’s comment about your hub’s looks. He definitely has that whole “Secret Service, steely glare, I could kill you so easily right now, but you’d think I look hot while I’m doing it,” thing going on. You married your own personal Edward Cullen. How funny! You guys are the real Bella and Edward (except you’re so much cuter than the Bella I picture in my head- who is NOT K Stew). Do you guys just go at it like drunk monkeys all the time, or what?


  7. Nancy

    Google “secretropin” and read up on it, then see if you can get your wellness doctor to send you a bottle. According to Brenda in his office she dropped 20 lbs. when she went on it. Don’t tell McH you’re cheating, though.


  8. Whoopsie. That last part may have been one of those private thoughts I’m supposed to keep to myself… I have no filter. Hope I did not offend. But I figure anyone who can blog about buying condoms in mass quantities over the internet isn’t going to be too terribly upset by such a question.


  9. Well, I am way late to the party but I will say I have been doing a biggest loser competition at school and it’s really helped me stay on track. We compete by % of weight lost so it seems more fair. Heck, I’m in 3rd place so it seems fair to me. I guess I could see where a competition might not be great but it’s good motivation. Not sure what kind of rewards you could use….I’ll have to think on that. A joint reward does sound good!


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