My Hair Just Got Grayer

So I was standing in my kitchen skimming Facebook just now (oh, how my online time has been limited lately – I’m still not caught up on reading blogs from when we were in Florida a few weeks ago, and I still haven’t finished my next photo dump post), when I hear A~, my 13-year-old daughter say to L~, my 11-year-old daughter:

I’ll be Naughty Naughty, and you be Hottie Hottie.

Naturally, I whirled around in wide-eyed dismay and asked them if they were planning their future stripping careers.



They broke into a fit of giggles, apparently rather nonplussed that I, their mother, questioned them about stripping, and told me no, it had nothing to do with stripping and was all because of a rhyme L~ had come up with earlier:

Naughty, naughty little hottie.

Oh.  Well, that makes me feel loads better that my 11-year-old is inventing the beginnings of modern-day nursery rhymes to commemorate stripping.

But no, they said.  It really didn’t have anything to do with stripping.  It all started with L~ and a corn chip (a corn chip?) and . . . I was lost in all the hysterical giggling and doubling over of my daughters, so I still don’t know what the corn chip had to do with it all.  Anyway, L~ had some kind of corn chip malfunction, and A~ jokingly said, “Naughty, naughty . . .” then, to make a rhyme, added, “little snottie.”

L~ then decided she thought the rhyme would be better if they made it, “Naughty, naughty little hottie,” and then, this evening, there they were in the kitchen snacking on left over pizza and giving each other what any red-blooded American would recognize as stage names.

Couple this with the fact that one of my three-year-old’s favorite songs on Just Dance II talks about brushing one’s teeth with a bottle of Jack, and it is painfully obvious that my decision to home school my children was not motivated by the desire to stick them in some plaited-hair, religious bubble.

And who decided to rate Just Dance II E for everyone, anyway?  I would like to talk to those pencil pushers, because between the three-year-old dancing to that alcoholic anthem and the six-year-old singing about Rasputin being the lover of the Russian queen, well, I guess it’s no wonder their older sisters are in dire need of career counseling.

Tewt the Newt is still chewing over the whole corn chip thing.

6 thoughts on “My Hair Just Got Grayer

  1. OMG that is FUNNY! And sounds like something my kids would (also innocently) come up with. Ugh. This parenting thing is sure an interesting ride!

    I have JD2 but haven’t played it yet. Thankfully Addy is still of the “make up lyrics ” types so if she doesn’t understand it, she makes it into something she does (ie “Bottle of milk”) ha


  2. I hear a lot about a bottle of Jack here, too. No strippers yet, but the girls are 10 and 9. Maybe next year? If so, we can compare stage names (My 9 y.o. daughter does happen to dance like a stripper, but she doesn’t know that yet. She’s never seen a stripper in action- at least I don’t THINK she has- but her body just seems to naturally move “that way” when she starts swaying and dancing. It’s terrifying. She doesn’t understand why her big brothers always yell at her to “STOP!” whenever she dances- it’s ruining her self-confidence. Poor baby. We’re supposed to be thankful in all things, so at least she has career options…???).

    If you ever get the backstory on that corn chip, I’m dying to hear it. If Doritos can spark such conversations, we may have to boycott.


  3. kathleen

    You’ve gotta love those all-innocence wake-up calls from our children. Pending their young adulthood, enjoy the ride there. I was not aware either that Kesha’s anthems are on Just Dance II; she is definitely not a G-rated brand, even if USA Today used her for a back page first amendment ad role model last year…altho I have to admit I have a real fondness for her latest hit, Grow a Pear…no f-bombs or alcohol-endorsements, one very creative new word, and a refrain many wives might appreciate…my oldest daugher went with fellow USCGA cadets to her first Kesha concert last year, and they even changed uniforms-of-the-day (UODs) for the occassion, from dress blues to Kesha tie-dye…quite the role reversal. I know I’m sliding into secular relativism here, but this is not one of the battles I’m choosing to fight with my three teenaged daughters…knowledge is power, I hope, for them. Of course, I’m also jealous of your full nest, so don’t take any of this too seriously.


  4. But have you actually done the whole Just Dance 2 thing? That is a WORKOUT! And I find that if I’m panting for breath, I don’t have time to worry about the lyrics 🙂


  5. Christina

    Considering the music I listened to in high school (“I want your s*x”… seriously?!) it’s crazy how much of a lyric nazi I am now. I just pretty much never let my younger kids listen to the pop music on the radio. (In the car they have their own music or books on CD on their headphones). Alas, I’m no longer able to control what K listens to and thus she loves Kesha (sorry I refuse to use the dollar sign, it ain’t a letter!) oh and that song about a G-6 which it turns out is all about being completely smashed or stoned or something. Lovely.


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