More For Posterity Than Anything Else

This morning Quinn was sitting on my lap and we were having a little chat about this and that and whatever. You know, chatting with an almost-four-year-old can be pretty non-specific.

In the midst of our little chat he held up his Silly-Bandz-laden arm and said, “I wuv see bans.”

“Yes, I know you love Silly Bandz,” I said.

“No,” he corrected, “I ha wuv see bans.”

“Ummm . . . you really love your Silly Bandz?” I guessed. Wrongly.

“NO.  Wuvvvvv see bans.”

Then he held up both of his little hands, stuck up the pointer finger of his left hand and two fingers on his right hand.  Go ahead, take a minute and do it.  Pointer of your left hand and first two fingers (or, if you’re Quinn, the middle two fingers) of your right hand.  What do you have?

“Wuvvvv,” he repeated as he showed me the fingers.

One ten.  Two ones.  He had twelve Silly Bandz.

His speech is still a bit of a concern, but his mind?  Sharp.

PS – I am going to answer all the coffee/tea/caffeine questions.  When I get more than a minute.

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