Because I Said I Would

Remember how I said I was going to post more photos of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Yeah, not today.

Remember how I said I would write a post addressing your questions about Mormons and coffee and tea and caffeine? 

Yeah, also not today (though, just so you know, I have a bottle of Water Joe in my fridge in case of extreme tiredness or a headache emergency) (happy to report I have not had a headache emergency in a record amount of time now, but, alas, that is also a post for a different day) (I think I feel extreme tiredness coming on though) (Winking smile).

Remember how I said I would post more pictures from the Harry Potter party?

Yes!  That is today.

First, the invitations:

party invites

This invite is actually one I’m sending out to the nieces and nephews who are coming to visit next weekend.  We are going to re-do the party then, so the dates are all different (and the RSVP part is superfluous, since I already know they are coming) (for last week’s party they had to RSVP about two weeks in advance so I could make sure I had enough of everything for everybody and plan accordingly).

First stop:  Lillivanders.

Lillivander's Wand Shop

The box wrapped in paper was for Midge.  It was her light up wand from The Noble Collection.  The rest of the wands are sticks that L~ and I whittled while watching t.v. in the evenings.  Luckily, many of the kids left their wands behind (I don’t know if they forgot them or if they just didn’t understand that they could keep them), so we only have to make one new one for the next go-round.  Lillivander’s was converted into Honeydukes, complete with chocolate frogs and fizzing whizbees, so the kids passed through and got candy on their way out.  Unfortunately, I did NOT get a picture of that.

sorting hat

The sorting hat is even ripped!  Ha!  I just put pieces of paper with different houses in there, so each kid got to pick a piece of paper to get sorted.  We had five kids in each of the three houses (no Slytherins – I didn’t want to risk making anyone cry).

Transfiguration class was in the room pictured above and all the kids did it together.  When the houses split off into their different classes (yes, there was a schedule all printed out as well), the hat and cloth came off the table and this is where they did charms class (charm bracelets).

astronomy tower

This is the upstairs bathroom and was just for decoration.  There is a door between this part of the bathroom (vanity and sinks) and the part with the tub and toilet, so I just shut the back part off from this front part, and there you go.

Also upstairs was the care of magical creatures class (where they made creatures).

care of magical creatures 1care of magical creatures 2care of magical creatures 3

Craft supplies for creature making on the bottom two shelves, and then two empty shelves for creatures to dry until the end of the party.  Oh, and that would be a miniature Aragog hanging above the niffler there.

out of bounds

This was the bedroom door (Tank Boy’s bedroom) across from the care of magical creatures room (Quinn’s room).  Basically, we took everything out of Quinn’s room and dumped it unceremoniously into Tank Boy’s room for the duration of the party.  As soon as it was all over, Quinn came to me and said, “Fix my room!”

potions room

Potions dungeon, of course.  I wanted to put black paper over the door and windows to keep the light out, but I never found any of those big rolls of paper.

potions ingredients

potion directions

Potions ingredients and the potion (flubber) directions on the board.

herbology room 1

One angle of the herbology room.  I swear, I took the nasty towel and threw it in the laundry before the party started.  I wish I’d done it before I took the picture, but I didn’t realize it was still there.  I’d been doing A LOT of cleaning and wiping that morning.

herbology room 2

Another counter in the herbology room.  Those would be mandrakes by the little tree things.  Like the gargoyles up on the ledge?  There are three of those ledges between the kitchen and the family room, and they all were sporting gargoyles.  Umm, they still are, actually.  I love my little gargoyles (though they are usually only out at Halloween).


That would be my son taking on the dementor.  We had to hang it pretty low since our youngest guest was barely three.  Lovely storage area shot, no?  Crappy weather.  This part should have been outside.  At least it’s a big area.  There are 14 other kids and four adults in this general area when this picture was taken.

headmaster's office

Fantastically awful shot of the entry to the headmaster’s office.  I should have taken an interior shot.  Anyway, in this room is an antique library table, and on the table sat the pensive in which the guests put memories of Midge that they had written on cards before they came to the party (I emailed the moms and asked them to do this).  I told the kids that Prof. Dumbledore always has a password to get into is office, and it usually has something to do with candy, then I set them to guessing what it could be.  The gumball machine there has M&Ms in it, so it didn’t take them too long to figure it out.

After visiting the headmaster’s office, we went to the great hall for the end of term feast.

cauldron cake

Cauldron cakes.  Do you know how impossible it was to find black or chocolate licorice laces for the handles?  Very impossible.  Obviously, since the handles are red.  I’ve decided cupcakes really are the way to go at birthday parties.  Had I made a cake for that many people, I would have used at least two, if not three, cake mixes.  But doing the cauldron cakes?  It only took one mix.  And seriously, between the cakes, the butterbeer, the dirt cup ice cream desserts (that was herbology class) and the candy they got on the way out?  They really didn’t need more than one little upside-down cupcake.

I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of the chocolate frogs.  I took one with my awful camera phone and put it on Facebook, but none with the real camera.

In case you were wondering, YES, I took pictures of the kids.  But, you know.  I don’t like posting pictures of my own kids without a password, so it really wouldn’t be nice to post pictures of other people’s kids at all. 

Anyway, last of all, before Honeydukes, which I can’t show you since I took no pictures, all of the kids got one of these:

completion certificate

Now I think I see Tewt the Newt racing for my Water Joe.

7 thoughts on “Because I Said I Would

  1. What Michelle said! I am SO not creative and I am also basically lazy. And when I was teaching I expended all of my creative energy on my students. My own poor children got basic parties LOL. You are awesome!


  2. kathleen

    I think the red handles look positively blood curdling on the cauldron cakes – great job. You might consider renting out your party planning services…


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