I’m Too Young to be This Old

Because hope springs eternal, I am assuming that, despite all evidence to the contrary, spring will be here soon.  This means, of course, new shoes!


Back me up here, girls.

Unfortunately, as I have been perusing the online selection of my favorite footwear retailer, I have also found myself muttering things like:

“But I don’t have any plans to fight lions in Rome.”

“I don’t want to die!”


“I’m not trying to make extra cash in the evenings.”


I’m too young to be this old.

And Tewt the Newt is contemplating the slimming effects of a 4 inch heel vs. the gravitational effects of 40-year-old ankles in said 4 inch heels.

5 thoughts on “I’m Too Young to be This Old

  1. kathleen

    too funny – my thoughts exactly – plus 3 months of oral terbinafine (lamisil) I took all winter to get rid of one yellow toenail, so I could finally get a decent pedicure again for spring sandals, or even flip flops. Sox & orthopedic sneakers are looking better all the time. PLEASE post photos if you find anything you like!


  2. ROFL! I can picture those shoes exactly in my mind!! The search for sandals is always both fun and a chore at the same time… you are starting early! Good job!


  3. So what you’re saying is my Keen’s aren’t fashionable??? I guess if I do decide to fight a lion this summer I’ll know I can get shoes for the occasion.


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