Almost Two Months Without a Migraine, and Then Today Hit


Pain-wise, it isn’t the worst migraine ever.  I’m typing, after all, not sitting on the kitchen floor wrapped around a mega pack of Charmin.  But still, the hung-over feeling (I am assuming, of course, that this is what a hang-over feels like), the inability to process thoughts and pick the right words out of my brain, the pain (relatively mild though it is), the overwhelming desire to just sleep all day, the mild desire to puke, it all sucks.

And I have not cheated on my diet.  Well, unless you count the coconut oil I put on my popcorn, when I have popcorn.  Because coconut and popcorn?  Are not on the same day.  But I never eat coconut anything on the day I CAN, so I figure it should be ok to use on one other of my four rotation days.


My main theory at this point is that the lovely, migraine-free life that I had been enjoying had to do with a combination of three things:  bio-identical hormones, the diet, and at least two miles a day on the treadmill five days a week (I don’t run much, I walk).  For the past three or so weeks I’ve been lucky to get in two days on the treadmill.  So I think it’s the lack of exercise.  Or maybe it’s because the diet was going so well I thought I could cut back on my hormones a bit (though I did hike them back up a few days ago because I could feel that I needed them, but maybe it was too late to stop this from coming).  Maybe it was a combination of the lack of exercise and lack of hormones.


I’m pressing on.  I’m staying with the diet.  I’m also getting back on the treadmill (it’s actually pretty much the only thing I accomplished today before I collapsed in a chair and spent way too much time just staring at Facebook, waiting for new status updates to appear) (oh yes, very lame) (I could have been catching up on blog reading, except my brain couldn’t process that many words at once).

So now my family is playing Apples to Apples on the floor while I sit here typing every word 17 times in order to get them spelled correctly (I can’t sit close enough to Apples to Apples to participate, or my head might explode).  Seriously, you should see some of the craziness coming out of my fingers.  Maybe, if this happens again, I won’t fix anything so you can see what a migraine looks like (in case you’ve never had one).

At any rate, this is very disappointing to me.  I really thought I was going to be able to say, “Hey, TWO MONTHS!!!  Yay for me and yay for my ALCAT diet!!”


But now I’m two pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, which puts me only seven pounds over my wedding weight and five pounds over my all-through-high-school weight.  So?  Yay for me and yay for my ALCAT diet on that count anyway.

And?  I bought skinny jeans the other day.  They actually don’t look half bad on me, though they do reaffirm what I have long known: my calves are at least one size bigger than the rest of my body.  I have the wrists of a ballerina and the calves of a lumberjack.  And the gut of a woman who has birthed three children and done about 15 crunches since then.  I could be a Dr. Seuss character, but all the bright colors would hurt.

The good thing about the lumberjack calves is that they give my mid-rise skinny jeans staying power.  You know how mid-rise jeans with spandex tend to slouch down and just become low-rise jeans?  And the crotch hangs unattractively down to your knees unless you constantly are hiking them back up like a plumber?  And your I’ve-birthed-three-children gut hangs over the waistband that is supposed to be covering it, at least partially?  The lumberjack calves make the lower part of the skinny jeans so snug that no part of them can slide downward. 

Now I find myself wondering if the snugness of the jeans has the same effect as compression stockings.  Because, if so, skinny jeans really are for old people like me.  Not that I need compression stockings.  Not that I know of, anyway.  But the oldness, you know, it encroaches more and more every day.

Tewt the Newt would like me to shut up now.  The rambling is annoying him.

Epiphany Update:  Meaning I HAD an epiphany!  The other day I made sushi and added sushi vinegar (the ingredients looked fairly safe and within the parameters of the diet, mostly) and after eating it my mouth felt raw.  I mean, RAW.  So maybe that sushi vinegar is part of my problem today.  I did cheat.  It was a small cheat (an unknown type of sugar in the vinegar on a day when I could have beet sugar), but I felt the effect it was having on my mouth and I ate it anyway — a lot of it.  And honestly?  I don’t even know about vinegar in general — it wasn’t mentioned one way or the other on the test results.  Hmmm . . .

4 thoughts on “Almost Two Months Without a Migraine, and Then Today Hit

  1. Sorry you had to endure a migraine. Don’t you think it could have been (at least partially) brought on by your fluctuating hormones? (You wrote you bumped them down and then back up)I know I had migraines a lot as a teenager and the DR. said a lot of it was 1)stress [yeah, I didn’t really know what stress was back then! I thought my finals and getting straight A’s was of the utmost importance] and 2)hormone fluctuation from just being a teenager.

    I don’t know how you made me laugh when you had a migraine, yet you managed to do so. The Dr. Suess character- too funny.


  2. Fluctuating hormones really do contribute to migraines! Believe me, I don’t just randomly bump them up and down. I have a chart, and this is the time I would be bumping them up anyway (I can feel it, and I know what is supposed to be going on based on the chart) — this is the time I bumped them up last month. I think I had let them get too low because I was feeling so good from the diet I thought my body was doing the job on its own more than it was. So if it was the hormones, it wasn’t because I had just bumped them up, it was because I cut them back too much and didn’t get them back up to where they needed to be *at this time*. Cough, cough. Because *this time* is when I usually get migraines (but didn’t last month).


  3. I’m sorry about your migraine, but I LOL’d at your body description! Dr. Seuss!
    I have those calves too. They are from being in marching band during all of my teen years and into college. Seriously! And I also have the gut. And none of the other skinniness you mention. 😦 I am waaaay over my HS weight! Ugh!!


  4. Christina

    Seriously, how do you write so descriptively funny whist having a migrane? Amazing. Also I totally knew what you were saying with the jeans – I hate most of my jeans for that very reason! And I’m jealous of your weight loss but can’t imagine being on such a strict diet. Diets and me don’t get along well at all. (I know that should be “Diets and I” but me sounded better, so I went with it anyway. I’m such a Grammar Rebel.)


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