Bringing Blogging Back (I Totally Plagiarized That Title)

Hey there!  Remember me?

No?  You don’t?

It’s okay, I hardly remember me, either.  It’s been a while.

Well, here I am now, and I have a message to share:

(I have apparently turned into the queen of one sentence paragraphs, but that’s not my message)

Everybody’s favorite blogger, (oh, crap – I haven’t done this for so long that I accidentally typed blooger at first– I don’t even want to think about what a blooger is) . . .

Starting over (this is the message, I swear) . . . Everybody’s favorite blogger, Michelle, over at And Sam Makes Seven is starting a movement.

Dear heavens, not that kind of movement (and if it were that kind of movement, and she’s only just starting, and she’s blogging about it?  Well then, this post would be all about praying for our favorite blogger).  So anyway, let’s call it a campaign instead, shall we?  She is starting a campaign to bring blogging back.  Click on that hyperlink I so generously provided and read all about it.  She uses the term “overlord” more than once, which we all know is the hallmark of an award-winning blog post.  I’m really excited about this campaign, actually (almost as excited as you are that I’m finally writing a paragraph with more than one sentence), and here’s why (aside from the lack of vitriolic advertisements):

But it wasn’t better. No, it was not. FB and Twitter took away our abilities to communicate in complete, grammatically correct thoughts. Remember grammar, guys? Wasn’t it nice?

Instead of taking a small thought or incident and turning it into a carefully crafted story about our lives- full of the touching, humorous, quirky, heartbreaking and mundane details that make our families and ourselves unique and interesting- we now take big thoughts and happenings and condense them down into little blurbs here and there. It’s too hard to fit touching, humorous, quirky and heartbreaking into a little blurb, and so… The mundane took over. We traded the art of storytelling for speed and convenience.

Isn’t Michelle brilliant?  Yes.  Yes, she is.  That last sentence I quoted, the one about trading the art of storytelling for speed and convenience, proves it.  I actually am on the verge of tears here.  She is profound, and she can tell a good story.  You know what?  Every now and then?  So can I.  So why the frap haven’t I been doing it?

Remember frap?  What a great word.  We still use it in our house.  That’s the power of blogging and little boys learning English as a second language.  We can change the world.

If you still haven’t read Michelle’s post, well, bless your heart for sticking through my drivel, but do make the time to click on over because she enumerates other good reasons for brining blogging back, like the freedom of telling your stories the way you want to tell them rather than censoring yourself so as not over share with nor offend any of your 285 closest “friends”.  I mean, I don’t know about you, but I have tons of people on my FB friends list with whom I would not share my blog.  I bet you do, too.

Incidentally?  I have about half of my FB “friends” blocked from seeing most of my posts and photos at any given time (if you’re reading this, rest assured you are not one of them) (unless you found my blog purely by following me on Pinterest before I realized that linking said blog to that account was about the stupidest thing I’ve ever done – then you might be one of them).  And that?  Is an interesting story.  But it’s a story I haven’t told because I haven’t been blogging. 

Remember when I blogged roughly two years ago about the person who thought it was a-okay to give kids a ride down the highway and/or unmarked country roads (seriously, I don’t know the exact route she took) in the trunk of her car?  Yeah, that’s just the tip of the iceberg around here.  Well, okay, maybe it’s a big, foundational chunk of the iceberg, but the point is we have a whole frozen ocean worth of crazy we’re navigating  every time we step foot into our church building.  Seriously. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is greatness there, too; but for the most part it’s trapped under the ice.

Good stories.  Stories I haven’t told.

Okay, so Michelle has some rules for those wanting to join in the Bringing Blogging Back campaign (really, it’s the only campaign worth following right now, anyway):

  1. Make the commitment: Agree to update your own blog at least once a month (You can do it! I have faith in you!) and choose at least one blog to read, or return to reading, once a month (You do not have to state which blog you’re choosing, but come on… it will be mine, obviously. Technically, however, you’re allowed to read someone else’s… I guess).
  2. Spread the word: Write a post telling your readers about the "I’m Bringing Blogging Back" campaign and ask them to join you. Give them these ‘rules’ and ask that they share them on their own blogs (this is starting to sound like an Amway kind of thing or chain letter, but it’s not. I promise. I won’t ask anyone to send me a dollar, or buy crap). You can link to this post if you’d like, or just tell them in your own words.
  3. Let me know: Leave me a comment saying, "Yes, Michelle, I’m with you! I’m Bringing Blogging Back," and link to your post about it. Actually, I don’t give two flips how you say it- you can just leave a comment saying "OK, I posted about it," or even just "I’m in," "Me, too," or whatever. The important thing is leave a comment letting me know you’re in and link to your post. If you don’t have your own blog, but will commit to being a faithful reader, just leave a comment saying so (Anyone who comments on this post will be added to my blog roll, if you’re not there already… Unless you don’t want to be listed).
  4. Buy the official "I’m Bringing Blogging Back" t-shirt for only $34.95 at… HA! No, I’m totally kidding.

So I’m committing to blogging at least once a month.  But really?  How can I not blog more?  There is always something crazy going on around here.  I could blog about our two new cats, our new dog, our new horse, the “rehab” center into which I will undoubtedly check myself because I need a break.  Seriously.  I’m not addicted to anything (not even my old friend diet Dr. Pepper).  I just need a break.

I could also blog about the epic Harry Potter party we just had here last weekend, or the effects of gravity and aging on my turkey-wattle-neck and the night I went to bed despondent over it, and my husband said, “There, there.  We have the money to take care of it if it really bothers you that much.”

Well, okay, he didn’t say “There, there.”  I mean, you’ve seen pictures of him, right?  He doesn’t even LOOK like the “there, there” type.

And, yes, it really bothers me that much.

Stay tuned . . . I may one day blog photos of tumescent chin liposuction.

I’m also committing to reading blogs again.  But here’s the catch:  I will probably, for the first time in my life, wish I had a Xanax prescription as soon as I open my Google reader account (if I can even remember how).  So I’m not going to try to go back and play catch up.  I’m just going to wipe the slate clean, as it were, and go from there.  Hopefully your lives are soap opera-y enough that I’ll be back up to speed in three blog posts.  Seriously, just kidding.  If your writing is that damn repetitive I’ll drop you like a roach-infested ice cream cone.

So, who’s in?

Tewt the Newt says, “Ready . . . set . . . blog!”

7 thoughts on “Bringing Blogging Back (I Totally Plagiarized That Title)

  1. YAY! I’m glad you’re in! I can’t wait to start reading your blog on a regular basis again!!

    I’m taking the same approach with my Google Reader account- wipe it clean and start from here. It would be too overwhelming to even attempt catching up.

    And THANK YOU for all the props- especially that whole ‘brilliant’ thing. I don’t know anyone who would agree with you, but it still makes a girl feel good!


  2. Me, ME, MEEEE!!!! I’m in. I have missed blogging SO much and it’s ALL Facebook’s fault. All of it. Every last bit. Well, that and my life doesn’t seem so interesting anymore…but I digress. I’m in. Of course, that means I have to get back into my blogger account. I wonder if I even remember the password. 😉


  3. Ah, Elaine, I’ve missed you! I commit to read whatever you write…my google reader has just been waiting for you :). I wish I could commit to start writing again…maybe soon?


  4. Welcome back friend! The bloggy world hasn’t been the same without you. I haven’t been blogging much lately either. My Reader gets lonely if it dips below 200 so I’ll leave it for ‘someday’ reading & try really hard to get back to writing more than the occasional post about our busyness.


  5. Ok I am in, provided go daddy really did wipe my malware infected blog clean as they claim 🙂 I have been caught up in google reader for MONTHS so I feel ahead of the game there! That is how I found this post, impressed? I know I am!


  6. Kathleen Sworden

    YES!!! I was beginning to wonder how I was missing you….now I know….absolutely.. thanks for the kick in the pants.. see you on the blog side.


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