How Was Your Weekend?

Mine?  Oh mine was just smashing.

We divided and conquered this weekend.  The Husband took A~ out Far Away In The West to start her sophomore year of college while I took the rest (minus L~) back home for a few days.

The Husband’s weekend:

1. In Provo, carrying boxes o’ stuff toward A~’s apartment, he gets stopped by a random college dude who says to him, “Hey! So you’re moving in here?” Yeah, no, but here comes my daughter.  Say hi.

2. Wearing his “BYU Dad” t-shirt and catching a connecting flight in Phoenix he is stopped by a female airline employee who says, “You just dropped a kid off at BYU? Provo? Boy or girl?” Upon being told he dropped off our daughter in Provo, she gave him the once over and said, “Oh, yeah, she’ll be a cutie for sure. My son just got off his mission and is at the Y now. What’s your daughter’s name? They have to meet each other.” Yes, information was exchanged. That’s the way we Mormons roll.

My weekend:

1. Single parent traveling with a passel of kids for a series of different appointments.

2. The pharmacist/naturopath saying, “Yeah, I can kind of see your enlarged thyroid from here . . .” (he was sitting several feet away from me, on the other side of a desk).

So The Husband gets mistaken for a college student, and I get a goiter.


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