Pinterest Fail Friday: The Living Room Edition

So we all know there are a fragillion mom bloggers out there who like to do artsy, craftsy, fancy decorate-y kinds of things and then post pictures of how beautiful, successful, and wonderful their lives are.  Along with these pictures usually come directions and encouraging words on how you, too, can be just. like. them!  Reach for the stars!  Be better today than you were yesterday!  Go you, and yay me for being such an inspiration to you!!!!

Well, that’s not me.  At least?  I hope it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for trying to be a little bit better today than I was yesterday.  I’m all for setting goals and trying to achieve them.  I’m all for people trying to help lift and inspire each other.  These are good things.  GOOD things.  But I’m also all for keeping it real.  I’m for not comparing your average day, or especially your hardest days, to someone else’s staged and published day.  I’m all for cutting yourself some slack, especially when:

  • You have young children
  • You have a puppy
  • You have a chronic illness that is flaring up
  • You have a non-chronic illness that is kicking your rear
  • You are working on a special project of some kind which is taking time from your day-to-day upkeep stuff
  • You are mourning a loss
  • You just have more things to do than time to do them
  • You accidentally overslept
  • The baby has been keeping you up at night
  • The toddler has been keeping you up at night
  • The teenager has been keeping you up at night
  • The spouse’s snoring as been keeping you up at night
  • You finally found some free time, so you had to binge watch season two of Stranger Things
  • Work is kicking your rear
  • Volunteer work is kicking your rear
  • Every mechanical thing you own is falling apart at once and you’re trying to get it all fixed
  • It’s gardening season
  • It’s snow shoveling season
  • It’s leaf raking season
  • It’s back-to-school season
  • It’s fall sports car pool season
  • It’s any sport car pool season
  • You get the point, right?

Life happens, folks.  Life happens.  So cut yourself some slack, and, while you are bemoaning whatever your “Pinterest fail” du jour is, remember all that you did accomplish that day, or that week, or that month.

Obviously I don’t have a house elf

On this particular day, I got school done with the boys.  I also kept them all alive and well.  I worked a bit on training the puppy to come and sit (accio and sedeas) with much success.  I can honestly also say the house didn’t smell like this picture would seem to say it should, so yay me for keeping the air breathable!  And see that orange bin there on the left?  That means I was taking down Halloween decorations and at least trying to put them away.  Also, cross my heart and hope to die, I did not stage those skeletons for the photo, but they look for all the world like a couple of my boys when I tell them for the thirty-four-thousandth time to just focus on their school already.

You should know that, after this day of epic housekeeping failure, today (which is not the day pictured above) this room looks much better — almost presentable, even (emphasis on the almost).

So, there you go.  The next time you feel like you are failing at maintaining the perfect Pinterest*-worthy life, come back and take a gander at my living room (and if you’re feeling really bad, enlarge the picture and gaze upon what you can see of my kitchen counters).

*For the record, I LOVE Pinterest.  I have found so many incredible ideas and so much inspiration there.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pinterest and have probably single-handedly kept the Rustoleum people housed and fed these past few years thanks to Pinterest.  I just don’t always, or ever, LIVE, LIVE, LIVE Pinterest!  Like everyone, I try, but most days that’s about all I can do: try (which frequently involves spray painting something).

2 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail Friday: The Living Room Edition

  1. LOL am resisting the urge to click the Pinterest button at the bottom! Ha ha. Thank you for keeping it real!! I’m such a great housekeeper that every time I get out the vacuum cleaner my kids ask who’s coming over. (I clean just for the sake of cleaning. I SWEAR. But maybe there’s a bit of truth in their question…) And HOORAY for a blog post! Keep ’em coming!

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